Patrick Angus ( born 1953 in North Hollywood, California; died 1992 in New York City, US ) studied at the Santa Barbara Art Institute, US. He lived in New York and Los Angeles. Galerie Thomas Fuchs represents the estate of Patrick Angus.

Patrick Angus used painting and drawing to give the gay underground scene of New York in the 1980s a lasting artistic expression. At a time when abstract and minimalist art was predominant, especially in the USA, he deliberately turned back to figurative painting. His motifs range from portraits, urban and landscape scenes to depictions of the gay underground milieu with its various bars, strip shows and bath houses. He depicted these with a high sensitivity. However, it was not only the pleasant, but above all the unadorned sides of the persons and situations from the milieu that concerned him. The central theme that is expressed in many of his works is the longing for true, not only physical, intimacy. With his distinct observation skills, his compositions, the use of light and expressive color, Patrick Angus not only managed to depict the objectively visible aspects of the motifs, but also to capture the atmosphere of this underground scene and the vulnerability of its individuals. The loneliness that he, as well as other gay men, felt during this time and the attempts to compensate it play an important role in Patrick Angus' Oeuvre.

Patrick Angus died in 1992 at the age of 38 from the effects of his Aids disease, without receiving due recognition for his work during his lifetime. In recent years, however, his popularity has increased, which is reflected in solo and group exhibitions. These include, in particular, the major solo exhibition "Patrick Angus", which was held at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart in 2017. But Angus was also rediscovered in his home country. In 2019 he was exhibited at the Long Beach Museum of Art in California in a solo show and at the Leslie-Lohmann Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York in the group show "On Our Backs: The Revolutionary Art of Queer Sex Work". A monograph on Patrick Angus was published by Hatje Cantz ( 2016 ) and a publication on the exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart by Distanz Verlag ( 2017 ). Patrick Angus is represented in the collections of the Leslie-Lohmann Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and the Schwules Museum Berlin.


Patrick Angus, Slave to the Rhythm, 1986, acrylic on canvas, 101,5 x 150 cm
Slave to the Rhythm, 1986
acrylic on canvas, 101,5 x 150 cm
© the estate of Patrick Angus