American artist Logan T. Sibrel (*1986 in Jasper, Indiana, United States) graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree (BFA) from Indiana University in Bloomington, United States in 2009 and a master of fine arts degree (MFA) from Parsons New School of Design in New York, United States in 2011. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Logan T. Sibrel explores intimate moments, often at close proximity. Despite the specificity of the scenes, the subjects depicted remain largely unrecognizable, creating a tension between the feeling of closeness and the frequent anonymity of the figures. Sibrel repeatedly incorporates references to queer life, specific places, songs or books that he associates with the scenes. His works, on one hand, convey closeness and intimacy, yet they remain elusive and fleeting.

His works tell fragmented stories that build an emotional connection with the viewer through their authenticity, intimacy, and vulnerability. The works are often sexual in tone, but the artist is not concerned with an erotic representation. Rather, the sexuality, which varies in degree, becomes a medium for addressing interpersonal relationships, longings, and disappointments.

Logan T. Sibrel, Galerie Thomas Fuchs
Postcards from Berlin, 2021
oil on canvas, 101,6 x 76,2 cm